Book 3: Fizzybrew & Fear

“I know…”

Dambree’s rebellious date starts with a trip to make-out point and ends with a panicked flight across country with a gun in one hand, the steering wheel in the other, and a fizzybrew held between her legs. With the alien Atrekna invading her planet and the fearsome Terrans defending it full bore, Dambree is the only person her little sisters and brother have to help them.

But can a bunny-girl, a cybernetic cat, two children and a half-feral baby make it to safety before the Atrekna autonomous war machines suck out their brains?

This books takes place during what is called “Third Wave” in the First Contact series. The sections are pulled from the main story and will be reprinted in the main novel series. No additional material is contained in this book and is provided to allow fans of the series to read about their favorite character’s story arc without going through multiple books.