Book 3: The Pool is Reserved for Podlings!

“Worker Vuxten, you are fined 1 week’s pay…”

The Terran Confederacy of Aligned Systems has come to the defense of the Unified Civilized Species Council, moving an astounding weight of metal and troops into UCC space. With the Unified Military Council unable to withstand the Precursor Autonomous War Machines more and more local species and local system leaders are calling for assistance from the Terran Confederacy.

In the Telkan System, successfully defended against the Precursor Autonomous War Machines only a year before, a new threat is unveiled as the Unified Council reveals the instruments that carry out their million year long plans. A plot against the Mantid diplomat Dreams of Something More carries forth. Finally, the cost of the war begins to come home to many.

Behold: Humanity! is faithfully recreated from the “First Contact” series on Reddit’s /HFY.