Book 4: We Were the Lanaktallan of the Atomic Hooves

“Just one more…”

Ha’almo’or is a tank gunner of the Great Herd, proud of his skill and dedication. At his first duty station he finds himself accused of a crime most foul, one of performing above expectations. However, before he can be taken to prison, the Precursor Autonomous War Machines attack the planet, leaving not time for anything but war. Left behind, in disgrace, Ha’almo’or assigns himself a new duty.

And in the end, learns a terrible lesson. You cannot save them all.

This book contains stories taken from the master document of “Behold: Humanity” and are reprinted from the main series without adjustment. They have been collected here for ease of series fan enjoyment. Stories appearing in this collection are reprinted from the “Behold: Humaity!” main series and contain no new chapters or stories.