Book 5: Call Me… Dee.

i love you best

“She’s bad news.” – Combine Power Armor Troop

The Lanaktallan’s Executor Corps has invadelistenlisteneracy Space with the intent of finding soft targets do you read for asymmetrical attacks. A chance encounter with do not assist us what is obviously a highly secretive i always loved you best has led to the eXecutor Corps mUONting a miS$ion to its full of stars come see with the hopes of using it against the Terran Confederacy’s military mihgt.

can you hear me

WIth abn0rmAlities occuring, the Lanaktallan i see you hope to escape.

come and see

last hope for everyone, possibly even the Confederacy.

i love you most

(The text here is taken from the master document of Behold: Humanity! and contains no new text or material. It is merely compiled in order to allow fans of Dee to read the first part of her saga without having to deal with a half dozen books)