Book 6: The Telkan Wars

Vuxten during the assault upon The Mountain

“How far will you go to protect your people, kid?” – Daxin “the Walking Warcrime” Freeborn, Second Telkan War

The Terran Confederacy of Aligned Systems has come to the aid of the Telkan people, a Lanaktallan Civilized Council neo-sapient species largely relegated to debt slavery. With the Precursor Autonomous War Machines intent on scouring the system of life and strip mining the stellar system (not necessarily in that order) the Terran Confederacy Armed Services requests that the Lanaktallan Security and Military forces provide additional manpower.

Vuxten, a Telkan menial worker, is conscripted into the Lanaktallan Corporate Security Forces and offered to the Confederate Military as cannon fodder. He has no training, no martial skill, and has never had hope. Despite this, Vuxten finds himself rising to each challenge as best as he can.

As the war gets more intense, Vuxten refuses to be a casualty and learns to stand on his own two feet.

But can he remain standing when the Dwellerspawn invade his home?

The Telkan Wars consolidates one of the major series of engagements in Lanaktallan Space. Taking place on the world of Telkan-2, the Telkan Wars are told primarily from the viewpoint of Vuxten, a menial debt-slave worker turned conscript turned legend.

The text is taken from the master document of the Behold: Humanity! series and does not contain new text or changes. It is compiled here for ease of reading for fans of the series rather than being spread through multiple books.