Tales of the Terran Confederacy


Tales of a vast interstellar war that consumes much of the Orion-Cygnus Galactic Arm Stub, where the Terran Confederacy and it’s allies take on an ancient empire that was founded before the dinosaurs were killed in the KT Event.

From a humble janitor turned war hero to a prisoner to the might of the Terran war machine, the Tales of the Terran Confederacy are the shorts from the “First Contact” series first seen on Reddit’s “HFY” subreddit. With over two million words already written, the main serial story “Behold: Humanity!” has plenty to offer any fan of military sci-fi.

Stories in the “Tales from the Terran Confederacy” have been slightly edited for clarity and correction, taken from the primary storyline, and compiled in order to allow readers to easily read about their favorite events, character arcs, or stories.

The stories match the content what will be included in the books of the main series “Behold: Humanity”, and are provided for fan ease of access and enjoyment of their favorite characters and events in one book rather than scattered across multiple books.